Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fish Chowdah Day

I made cod chowder in the soup kitchen today.  We got a nice donation of big bags of cod and halibut from one of our local grocery stores and I used 30 pounds of that today to make the chowder.  I will be making this again in the weeks to come. 

I used onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, bell peppers and celery--cooked everything but the potatoes in some olive oil, then added the potatoes, some water and the cod, which had been cut into chunks.  I let this all cook until the potatoes were done, then moved stuff to the steam table and added some light cream, half and half, and some heavy cream--we had a little of each.  I had a couple of beautiful bunches of scallions from a local farm, so I snipped those into the chowder and sprinkled in a little pepper.  Oh yeah--there was some cooked, diced bacon as well.  I added some of that to two of the pots and left it out of the third one for those people who would prefer not to have the pork.  Funny thing about the carrots--we have not had very many of them lately and last night I was thinking that I hoped we would at least have a few to add to the soup.  I walked in this morning and there was a banana box full of carrots donated by a local farm!  Yay! 

The soup was so pretty with the colorful peppers, the orange carrots, and the vibrant green scallions floating in the yellowish white broth and people seemed to enjoy it a lot.  I had a diner come up as she was leaving to tell me that she never eats fish chowder--she doesn't like the smell--but she had two helpings today and loved it.  She said it didn't taste the way it smelled :-)

It was pretty slow today--we served 85 firsts and 35 seconds. 

When I left the soup kitchen, it looked like it would be nice and cool out--I always enjoy my walk home after cooking because the air is so brisk and refreshing after the heat of the kitchen.  But today things were deceiving!  It looked like there should be a nice cool breeze blowing and instead it was warm and kind of stuffy.  Oh well, it is June, after all.  Now I am home and can relax with some iced coffee and chocolate soy milk and a book.  I made the little frittatas yesterday so they would be already made for supper tonight and we will have that with fruit and cereal.  Simple!

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