Saturday, October 25, 2014

One Version of Huevos Rancheros

We are having quite the globe-trotting food experience these past couple of days! Yesterday it was gonna be Thai until I opened the jar of red curry paste to find some lovely white feathery things growing in there. We skipped the Thai and moved along to Italian-ish, having a veggie soup/stew with Italian herbs. Tonight and tomorrow night we go sort of Mexican with the huevos rancheros Bill has been wishing for. I had to adjust a bit because corn tortillas are not available here. I used seeded flour tortillas instead. And I do not like the egg with all the other stuff, so I skipped that and had a burrito instead.

Yesterday I soaked about half a pound of kidney beans changing the water a few times. A little before midnight and those off-peak electricity hours, I drained them once more, put them in the slow cooker with fresh water and turned it to high. I used to use the low setting in the US, but my slow cooker here does not get as hot, so I always use the high setting. Off I went to sit in bed with some music and tatting for a couple of hours. The beans cooked. I slept. When I got up at 8:30-ish, they were done.

I drained them and placed them in a bowl. I chopped up some onion and garlic and cooked this in a little bit of olive oil (it really does seem like everything I cook involves chopped onions and garlic in a puddle of olive oil!). I tossed in some chili powder and oregano and stirred it around for a minute before adding the cooked beans, which I mashed up with my wooden spoon. I added a bit of water and kept on stirring until the beans were creamy and the water was incorporated.

Just before supper, I heated up some beans and some of the rice I'd cooked yesterday. I sliced a couple more onions and a couple of bell peppers (one red, one yellow) and, yes, cooked them in some olive oil. I cooked a couple of over-easy eggs for Bill.

To assemble, I folded a seeded tortilla in half, added a little rice and some beans. I topped this with the onions and peppers and some salsa from a jar. I put the egg on and topped it all with some extra mature cheddar and cilantro from my plant on the windowsill.
Tomorrow it'll be the same again :-)

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