Friday, October 24, 2014

Thai to Italian Improv Style

My plan for tonight was to make Thai curry. We would have it for supper with rice and again tomorrow for lunch. I had a little rice left in the fridge, but would need more, so I put some of that on to cook. Then I gathered my veggies and started chopping. Onion, carrot, red bell pepper, and garlic went into the pot to be sweated before I added some chopped cauliflower and cubed potatoes. I covered with water and left it all to cook.
Then I grabbed the can of coconut milk from the cupboard and the red curry paste from the fridge. I opened the jar. While the white feathery things growing on the curry paste were actually quite lovely to look at, I did not want to eat them. The jar went into the garbage and I turned my attention to deciding what I was going to do with my pot of veggies instead! I was glad I had not opened the coconut milk!

I pondered for a minute and then went back into the fridge for the container that held the rest of the marinara sauce from a couple of days ago. I tested the potatoes to see whether they were done.
They were. I added the sauce and a can of chopped tomatoes and the juice. I added a bit more oregano and basil to what was already in the sauce, thus finishing the basil and adding another little jar to the collection on the counter. We keep forgetting to bring it to the recycling area at SuperValu when we go out.
Instead of curry we had Italian-style vegetable stew with rice.
We sprinkled some Parmesan shavings on top. It was good. There's plenty left for lunch.

The next time I buy a jar of red curry paste (which is larger than what I used to buy in Maine), I will need to be prepared to make plenty of curry--I hate wasting food and it bugged me to throw away that jar!

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